Moto x4 from Amazon

Republic is offering the moto x4 32GB for $149. The same phone goes for $120 from Amazon. Will the Amazon X4 work on Republic?

all the one(s) in the following link are compatible with republic
the $120 one is the Prime exclusive( in black and 32GB)
the Prime exclusive has Alexa build in and that the major difference

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I have no idea which of those phones apply. Republic sent out an offer May 6th for a Moto X4 ,so that’s the phone I’m talking about. Also, since the same phone is sold on Amazon for $30 less, I just want to know if it will work with a Republic phone plan?

Hi @neeland,

Amazon sells a wide variety of merchandise. If you would like confirmation of a specific phone, please share with us a link to the listing you’re looking at.

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Moto X (4th Generation) - with Amazon Alexa hands-free – 32 GB - Unlocked – Super Black - Prime Exclusive

The Prime Exclusive X4 for $120 will work with RW.


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