Moto X4, I have two ways to access contacts. One is not good


Moto X4, I have two ways to access contacts. One has all of my contacts. The other is not dependable and many contacts are missing. I’m afraid to uninstall the bad one because I’m afraid I might wipe out all the contacts. The bad one’s icon is on the main screen and easier to access. Anyone knowledgeable about this? Thank you much!


on most phones one can access the contacts via 3 apps on most phones (with out adding 3rd party apps)
the main app is the Contact app :contacts:, and both the Phone ((dialer) app image and the messages by google :messages: (all 3rd party texting apps would also have access to the contacts and give access to them)


What you see on your home page can be adjusted to your liking by just pressing the apps icon and moving it to the right page/spot
You should be able to find the Moto Help :motohelp: in the App drawer :appsicon: and then search for app shortcut (if necessary)


(Thanks @drm186, I’ve added a :contacts: emoji to make it easier to demonstrate the icon.)

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