Moto X4 is 300 at their site 400 at yours. Will their phone work and what network will it use?


Motorola is selling the X4 for 299, yours is 399. usually prices match up pretty close between you two but not here. Can I use this X4 phone on your network and will it use both bands or just GSM?

A Quick Review of the Motorola X4 on Republic Wireless

the Motorola site version will work on Republic
you will also need a BYOD SIM


It looks like the cards are free for the moment. Does this card take up my memory card slot or does it use a different slot so I can add a mem card for expansion?


the SIM is needs to be there no mater where you buy it (if purchase from Republic they will send one with the phone else one needs to purchase one (on sale for free right now)
one installs i next t the SD card slot


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I just got the same email. I’ve read other posts in this forum which indicate that Amazon will display ads on the phone, but I don’t know if that is the case with the Moto X4 from Motorola. Can someone clarify? I don’t want ads.

There is a link under Full Specifications at the bottom of the Motorola X4 product page that has a compatibility chart indicating that it is compatible with Republic Wireless.


Only the Amazon Prime version of the phone will display the ads,


As of Feb 7 2018 Amazon has made updates to REMOVE the ads … see this announce


I ended up buying the G5 plus with 64 gb. The Moto X seems to have a storage issue where apps cannot save to the SD card and it only comes with 32 gb, which should be enough except that the OS is 18 gb!

Much of my reasons for upgrading from a moto X, gen 1 is response and storage.


According to the specs for the Moto X4:

Storage (ROM)

32 GB with microSD Card support (up to 2 TB)‡

‡ Available user storage is less due to preloaded software, and is subject to change due to software updates. microSD cards sold separately. Content with DRM restrictions may not be able to be moved to the card. 512 GB is the maximum capacity currently available.

I find this confusing, to say the least. What is it? 32GB, 2TB, 512GB?


32gb is the phone storage
Supports sd card up to 2 terabytes
SD cards only go up to 512gb at the moment.


The most important thing as I see it is that applications cannot be stored nor write data to the SD card. You can store pics and sound on the SD card and the system will open them but my current phone, Moto X gen 1, has about 11 gb of storage on it. I need much more so the 64 gb Moto G5 plus made that possible. I should be pretty happy with the 5 plus.

I wish it had the newer bluetooth standard but that might not help all that much anyway. I am looking for bluetooth to connect to multiple items. The new standard allows you to send music to 4 ext speakers at the same time but I do not think it would allow receiving data from a GPS button while transmitting to other devices. In fact I am pretty sure about that. The newer standard is in the Moto X model.

BTW, I had thought that they had a 64 gb version of the Moto X but could not find it anywhere on the site.


The Moto X4 is using an encrypted storage system which prevents it for using an SD card as adaptive storage [as an extension to internal storage] most apps [and their native data] needs to be on internal/adaptive storage so without adaptive storage they will not allow to be moved to SD card, some apps can still be moved just not many.

The pre-announcement of the X4 did included a 64 GB version it was never released [at least in the US, I have not been following international versions]


Would an SD card allow me to, for example, store photos, videos, and music, and view/play them? I use Google Photos for photos and videos my visual media, and Pi Music Player for my music. With my old Moto X 2nd Generation, I am constantly hitting the storage limit of 16GB and have to delete stuff to allow installed apps to update.


To answer myself, yes, it would. See also How do I use an SD card for internal storage?

And I found a pretty good deal for a MicroSD card


sorry I was not login to see your question but am glad you found the answer
an SD card is an ideal place for storing and accessing media type files (Music, Videos, Photos, E-Books, Audio Books, Documents of all types)


I am sure that the X4 is a good phone and yes it does look pretty sharp too. I question why we need an OS that takes up 18 gigs (reminds me of Microsoft!) and I guess a lot of that is taken up by the feature set of the camera. I do not mean to be slamming the X4 … I was on the verge of buying one but it just wasn’t best for my needs.


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