Moto X4 is a great phone

Phone: Moto X4
Plan: I got my plan with 2 Gigs data

I had my old XT phone 4 years! But I wanted a bigger phone.
I found the Moto X4 on sale on line!
I ordered a Sim card from republic. It arrived in a few days.
I put the Sim into the X4 and charged the battery. Well I turned on the X4 and loaded the Republic App and It loaded my contacts from the cloud ,and in a couple of minutes and my phone was activated within five minutes !
The phone has 32 GB of storage. But with all the updates and the Ten Apps I loaded so far and the Upgrade to Oreo that was loaded I only used 48 percent of the built in storage.
The camera on this phone takes great pictures and the built in photo app offered great optional
views of the photo that was taken. I had to for the first time use the camera to scan a
QR code from my Employer to enter some data at their website and I was amazed how well that worked!
So far I am very happy I bought this phone!


I upgraded to the Moto X4 from Moto X1 almost 2 months ago and couldn’t be happier! While you can’t move apps to any MicroSD card you might install, it is easy to move photos there and I have copied music files directly to the microSD with no problems. Another example- I use Podcast Addict and while I can’t put the app on external storage, I can store the podcasts themselves on it. A lot of apps have the option of storing things there.

Using an SD card - Moto x4

I am so happy I got this phone! Also happy with all the money I save with RW :sunglasses:

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Another strong thumbs up on the Moto X4. As with the users before me, I came from an increasingly decrepit Moto X which had served me very well for just a little too long.

Found a great deal online and even after the purchase of a 128GB SD card and a very nice case, I was down less than $400.

Not that a camera is a big deal to me but this phone’s camera is very impressive.

I have already had one iPhone7 owner express phone envy.

Regarding the SD card, I don’t really need 128GB. With all my apps, I still have more than 10GB free on the phone memory.

The only issue I have relates to my firewall directing frequent DDoS attacks from my phone. I am assuming it is a bad app or NetGuard but it’s only a nuisance, at worst.

I badly wanted the Samsung Note but the price/performance calculations just never added up for me, even at $600 pricing that I found online.

Staff pick for a very good reason, no doubt.

I’m still hanging on to my Moto E 1st generation, but its overdue for an upgrade due to business needs etc. I want to have the capability to add voice recording in text. I’ve run out of room for apps, so the phone I’m looking for is probably what most people are already using. If I could get some suggestions, plus the place to buy the phone…would appreciate it greatly.

I can’t believe the Moto X4 has a different charge cable. Here we go again with trying a few to see whih one fits when we are visiting.

Where does the sd card go??

Welcome to the future. All flagship phones have used the new USB-C for several generations (Galaxy S7, S8, S9, etc). Soon enough the old micro-USB port will be a relic of the past.

To insert a Micro SD card (just put a 128gb one in a Moto X4 recently for photos, herewego maps, etc):,6720,10317

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