Moto x4 no longer auto connecting to wifi


I recently updated my motox4 to moto version 8.0.23. now if I connect to wifi at work when I come home the only way to get my phone to connect to home wifi is to restart it. What is going on?



Your Moto X4 should have the 9.0 pie update System Update for Moto X4 - 12/17/18 available.
For the Wi-Fi connection issue, open settings, then tap on Network and Internet, then tap on Wi-Fi, then tap on Wi-Fi Preferences, and make sure those settings are toggled on.

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You may want to check if the phone is latching on to a weaker “xfinity wifi” or “Cable wifi” or similar “free” wifi network…which you may not have access to but the fact that the phone is connected to it might be preventing it from connecting to your home wifi. If so, "forget"ing these networks might help.

Either way…as @grandbobby noted above… you may want to install all the updates to your phone to ensure that you have the latest security updates. They do install one at a time…and Moto has taken away the option to install updates only on WiFi…so you will want to make sure you are on a stable WiFi connection before installing any updates…in order to ensure that you are not burning through your cellular data to download the update.

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thank you, will start there

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I’m also having a connect issue in my X4 with Android 9. I added my work wifi but can not connect…I get the Forget and Save options, but no connect…also not connecting automatically as I do my home. I entered everything correctly on the phone and my tablet, side by side…tablet picks it up…phone doesn’t.



Is your issue not auto-connecting… or not connecting at all?

For your office WiFi…if you look under the WiFi settings (where you see the Forget and Save options)
does it show…Connected?

Does your office WiFi have a generic name like linksys…etc…which might be same as a WiFi you might have connected to in the past?

If your office WiFi needs additional verification, then open a browser such as Chrome and it should take you to the additional verification page.

What are you using as a metric to determine that you are not connected to WiFi? Is it the Republic wireless filled in arc…or inability to use WiFi data for email/chrome, etc?

If it is the Republic Wireless Arc…then your office network might be simply blocking the ports that RW needs to enable calling and texting over WiFi.





Work wifi is called 3rdParty…shows as a saved network but does not show on my list of networks and does not.even give me a button to manually connect.
I had no issues for the 4 months I’ve had the phone but 2 days ago I was wanting to clear a couple of networks…I stead of forgetting one by one,I reset networks…haven’t been able to connect to work since adding it back



No issue when setting it up on my tablet when doing it side by side…



Ok…been trying to figure this out…on the tablet, when adding a new network, the security option is WPA/WPA2/FT PSK…on the phone is only shows as WPA/WPA2 PSK…
I checked my older G4 phone and it is the same as the X4, as in it doesn’t have the “FT”…but it still recognizes and connects to the work wifi…

So I thought I’d made some progress but I turns out that I’m still at square 1



Hi @bwram1,

Could you share a screenshot of what the sign-in form looks like if you forget the network?



Not sure I’m following…I know the network…not sure what form you’re wanting to see



It requires a password to log in. Are there any other fields in the form?

Our office network has a very subtle drop-down for another field that is very easy to overlook, and overlooking results in no connect button, similar to what you’re describing.





Below the password is the same as above screenshots.



Security options…has been WPA/WPA2 PSK for as long as I’ve been using it…6 years.

Got home from work…home wifi connects immediately…



Sorry… didn’t get a chance to respond earlier…but if you are not even seeing your work WiFi… I am wondering if it is a 2.4GHz only network…and there might be something flaky with your phone’s 2.4GHz antenna…that it is only connecting to 5GHz networks…or something along those lines. If you have both 2.4GHz and 5GHz on your home router…you can try to pick one or the other and see if you can isolate the issue.



For 3 months, I had no issue connecting at work…the problem began only when I reset networks and then tried to add home and work back…home was no problem…work still won’t connect



Have you asked your work IT team?

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One thing worth trying is to reset the networks again and see if it kicks out of this abnormal state.


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