Moto x4 no longer auto connecting to wifi


I recently updated my motox4 to moto version 8.0.23. now if I connect to wifi at work when I come home the only way to get my phone to connect to home wifi is to restart it. What is going on?


Your Moto X4 should have the 9.0 pie update System Update for Moto X4 - 12/17/18 available.
For the Wi-Fi connection issue, open settings, then tap on Network and Internet, then tap on Wi-Fi, then tap on Wi-Fi Preferences, and make sure those settings are toggled on.


You may want to check if the phone is latching on to a weaker “xfinity wifi” or “Cable wifi” or similar “free” wifi network…which you may not have access to but the fact that the phone is connected to it might be preventing it from connecting to your home wifi. If so, "forget"ing these networks might help.

Either way…as @grandbobby noted above… you may want to install all the updates to your phone to ensure that you have the latest security updates. They do install one at a time…and Moto has taken away the option to install updates only on WiFi…so you will want to make sure you are on a stable WiFi connection before installing any updates…in order to ensure that you are not burning through your cellular data to download the update.


thank you, will start there