Moto x4 not connecting to home wifi

No changes to my phone, plan, or wifi for the last year (except automatic updates to Android 9), but the last couple days my phone will not connect to my home wifi. I have turned off and restarted my phone, “forgotten” and re-entered the wifi, and other tips indicated on earlier threads, but still my phone insists on using data instead of my wifi. Any thoughts?


Hi @sharond,

Do you know if your router is hiding your SSID? :thinking:

I must admit, I have no idea how to find out if that is the case. But I have made no changes to any network connections, and my phone does “see” the wifi and connects … but continually gives me the message that I am not entirely on wifi.

Hi @sharond,

Have you rebooted your modem and/or router?


I’ll try that as soon as all that “work-at-home” workers finish up. I will report back. Thanks.


Good thinking! I’ve been known to pull the plug on the modem and create screams in other rooms of the house. :grin:

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Right? :wink:


Hi, just checking in to say that I restarted the router this evening, and … bingo! … it seems like the problem is fixed, and I am back in touch with my home wifi. Thank you!


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