Moto X4 not finding open wifi

I recently got a new phone, a Moto X4, and it does not detect open wifi in the area. My previous phone, an older moto x, would notify me when there were open networks. I really like that feature and am wondering why my new phone does not do that. I’d appreciate any advice. Thank you!


Hello @robertn, does the phone see the open networks when you go into the Settings-WiFi screen? What model phone did you previously have?

Yes, it will find them in the settings, I just find it easier when a notification pops up. I had a Moto x2

Do you have the WiFi preferences turned on? To check, or turn on, pull down with your finger once from the top. When you see the WiFi symbol, touch on it and hold until the WiFi settings appear. Then tap on Wi-Fi preferences.

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Hi @robertn,

The Moto X1 and X2 operate on a different version of the Republic Wireless app that has an option to “Ask me to join Wi-Fi networks.”

The Republic Wireless app that works with the Moto X4 does not include that option.

That is unfortunate.

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