Moto X4 Now Available at Republic Wireless!


Today, we’re excited to announce that the Moto X4 is now available for purchase through our online store and through our Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program!

Supported BYOP Models

Model number: XT1900-1
Build numbers: NPW26.2 and NPW26.4

This model number includes the following variants

  • Unlocked (this is the variant sold in our online store)
  • Amazon Prime (includes Amazon pre-loaded apps)
  • Android One (not all Moto experiences are available, see the removed experiences below)
    • Moto Actions: Attentive display
    • Moto Actions: One button nav
    • Moto Voice: OK Google (when phone display is off)
    • Moto Voice: ShowMe based commands
    • Moto Voice: Talk to me
    • Moto Voice: Touchless control
    • Moto Voice: Voice based authentication
    • Moto Voice: Voice over display
    • Moto Access: Moto key
    • Demo Mode: Demo mode

*All models must be North American unlocked

For a list of all compatible BYOP phones, please see Republic Wireless Phones.

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Ordered mine today.


The specs for this phone in the RW store say “CDMA (temporarily unavailable)”. Can you predict when CDMA coverage will be available? I want this phone, but I live in one of the areas where CDMA is necessary. I assume the lack of CDMA support would be an issue regardless of which variant I purchased?

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Hi @joele.qhy9ox,

The ballpark estimate for provisioning with Republic’s CDMA partner is sometime prior to year end. You are correct that it would not matter which variant you choose to purchase.


@rolandh always has ALL the answers . . . . :slight_smile:


Well, a “ballpark estimate” is certainly not a definitive answer, and the second part is a simple confirmation of the correct answer, …I tend to agree with you.

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