Moto x4 only $299 from Motorola

I got my phone today, charged up, setup and am so far quite happy with the new service and all the money I’m going to save…


The same phone there is $299 instead of $399. I have no problem paying the 10% to use the Affirm loan program. I do have a problem paying $100 more than I have to for the same phone.

Can a refund or credit be applied here?

If you purchased the device from R.W site…if you are within the 14 day Return Period…u can return the device to R.W.

This is good to know. It’s a lot of pain and hassle for me. How about a credit for the difference?

I don’t think R.W does any sort of price matching or credit…especially after the fact. It may have just been a promotional sale as retailers tend to do.

One always should shop around and do their own research before buying a supported phones.
The advantage of buying a device from R.W is that it comes with the SIM and is guaranteed to work well with the service. Where as, there is a higher risk of buying an incompatible model from 3rd party as some devices requires certain exact model and build numbers to be compatible.
There are already a few threads discussing prices of some phones.

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This post by a R.W Ambassador is a response to another persons comment on the price for this phone.


also from that same thread:

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