Moto X4 only wakes by pressing power button


New Moto x4 can only be woken by pressing power button. My old x2 would wake with a tap or swipe from the Moto screen, but no screen touch seems to work on the x4. Is there a setting I can change? Couldn’t find one and goggle didn’t have anything useful on the topic.


Pressing on the fingerprint sensor button should wake up the phone…is that not working for you?


Found that the phone can wake from the Moto screen by swiping up the full length of the screen from the very bottom.
To bring up the Moto screen the fingerprint button works only sometimes, and on approach works only sometimes


The fingerprint button should work every time, the approach thing is based on proximity sensor and could be
affected by background conditions…but it may be worthwhile for you to run the hardware tests from the Moto Help app and check if there is a hardware issue with your phone.


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