Moto x4 phone and hard time being heard

What phone do you have? I have a Moto x4 recommended by a Republic Wireless expert 10 months ago.

What plan are you on? I am on the MyChoice +1GB plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

In the last month or so people I was trying to talk to complained that they could not hear me. I thought it was them as my mother and mother-in-law are very hard of hearing, but I recently spoke to my almost deaf mother-in-law on my husband’s phone (a Moto g5 on Google Fi) and she heard me fine. Others have complained, too, that they can’t hear me. I’m wondering if a setting could some how have been changed. I have the phone up to date and have tried restarting it, safe starting it, etc. No difference. Any suggestions (besides getting a new phone)?

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I’m going to point you to a prior Community post from a member that had the same issue and the same phone. You’ll see that they tried some of the things you have (restarting, safemode…), but there are a few more to investigate.

Some of the nuggets are:

  • Test the microphone using the :motohelp: Motorola Help App.

  • See if anything is blocking the microphone hole.

  • Noticing if the issue happens when your phone is connected via WiFi or Cell or both.

(There is mention of outgoing voice calls being lower in volume on WiFi vs cell.)

Please take a look and let us know if anything helps.

This is a WiFi issue, please understand this!!! I’m getting tired of repeating myself. BTW my wifi has great signal both on 2.4 and 4.5 mhz

Works ok cell

I think there is a bug in the republic app.


My post was in response to another Member. I was showing them your issue you posted in the Community. You need not respond to it.

Hi @sharonf.qweoq3,
I have a Moto X4 since they became available on the market. I have a app that I use called Auto Speaker and on a call it automatically turns on the speaker phone option. It is a good app and enhances my volume. Also take the case off if you have one on the phone. I can’t imagine using the phone without one as it is so slippery. If the sound is better the case is blocking a speaker or microphone. I drilled my mic port larger myself. If you have a screen protector that can be covering a speaker or port too.

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