Moto X4, phone will not ring part of the time

What phone do you have? Moto x4

What plan are you on? WiFi, cell

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes

Issue Description

Hi @davidh.lq6as2 and welcome to the Community!

To help us best help you, we’ll need some additional context surrounding “part of the time”. Have you noticed any pattern to when the phone rings as opposed to not ringing?

For example, time of day? Is the phone on WiFi or cell when it doesn’t ring? If WiFi, is it one specific WiFi network or multiple WiFi networks? Does the phone not ringing tend to occur when the phone is sleeping (the screen is blanked)?

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Thank you, great questions! I noticed the issue mainly on cell, but this morning on the counter on WiFi it made a one note sound, but did not ring. My wife will help me test when I notice a missed call, In that stage (phone awake) it will always ring. Not much help, but I’ll pay attention.
Thanks again for your response.

Hi @davidh.lq6as2,

Have you had any more insight as to when the phone is or isn’t ringing?

Could the problem be that the phone is going into Doze Mode, dropping the Wi-Fi connection, and doesn’t have good cell service in your area? There’s a useful write-up and possible solution here:

Have you noticed any other signs that cellular coverage on this phone isn’t ideal? If so, we might be able to improve the situation with a different SIM card.

@davidh.lq6as2 Are you still looking for assistance with this issue?

Have not had the issue in the last 30 days. Could have been an operator error. Thanks for the follow-up.

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