Moto x4 photos causing phone to freeze

Any suggestions for trouble shooting? When I snap a photo nine out of ten shots will cause the entire phone to freeze up.

I would start by making sure the camera app is up to date.

If it is and the problem persists, the next step would be to boot the phone into Safe Mode to see if an ill-behaved app might be causing this.


The camera works fine in safe mode. How do I determine which ap is causing it to fowl up?

Hi @viccie - thought I’d jump in and offer Googles Help page “Find problem apps by rebooting to safe mode on Android” (link below).

Scroll down to “Find problem apps with safe mode” and follow the steps in the drop-down labeled “If the issue goes away in safe mode” for finding problem app(s).

Read this over and see if the process makes sense to you. @johnny5 may also have some simplified steps for the app troubleshooting process. The help page has links to other information that is useful.

Good luck!


Thank you so much!

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Here is an annotated screenshot that may help narrow it down

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