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My old Moto X is dying and my friends are laughing at me.

I am leaning towards the X4 because until recently the X has been quite solid.

My question is why the RW price is $400 when it is readily available for $250 elsewhere. What am I missing?

Note, I know about it needing to be factory unlocked and a NA build, etc.

Thank you!


There are three different versions of the Moto X4 sold in the United States. The Moto X4, the Moto X4 with hands-free Amazon Alexa, and the Moto X4 Android One. All have different software customizations, and all will work on Republic Wireless. The Android One version is sold exclusively through Project Fi, and may require activation on Project Fi to receive discount promotional pricing.

Seeing that you have had the Moto X for so long, you might be most comfortable with the standard Moto X4. This model will come with most of the Motorola features to which you have become accustomed. Motorola’s online store is selling it for $299 right now. If you decide to buy the phone from anyone other than Republic Wireless, you will need to check that you are in an area that supports “bring your own phone” and order a SIM card:

Moto x4 only $299 from Motorola
Updated Phone Advice

the $399 price is the base price of the phone
all stores (online or offline) can run their sales when ever they want (to clear stock, undercut competition or just bring in foot traffic in their stores)
currently Republic does not have the Moto X4 on sale

Republic has it for the base price of ($399)
Motorola has it $100 off ($299) of it’s site
Amazon has it’s version with $120 off ($279)
Best buy has it $150 off ($250)

the advantage of Republic 3.0/4.0 is that one can purchase the phone elsewhere and still use it on Republic
Republic has the BYOD (currently free for a limited time with USPS First Class free shipping)
Amazon also has this BOYD SIM for $5 with Free 2 day shipping for Prime members (about $6 shipping for non Prime members)
note BYOD SIMs are on the GSM Partner (T-Mobile) If this coverage is not acceptable one can convert a Moto X to CDMA though Republic Support by requesting a coverage analyst

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Moto x4 only $299 from Motorola

Thank you! Good information about the different versions.

I am not a n00b but I am a massive procrastinator. I have hung on to X1 until it became literally unusable. I was leaning towards the Samsung Note 8 but I simply cannot see the value in the premium to purchase one. I do lean towards bells and whistles but eschew gimmicks.

I am in Raleigh NC. It would be a worry if anyone within driving distance of HQ didn’t have coverage. :slight_smile:

Thank you again!

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Thank you! I found prices south of $300 in many stores from an online search. Best Buy recently dropped their price 27% so even with taxes, it looks like a great deal.

I have had CDMA coverage through Republic and other providers previously for years. Never got more than two or three bars at my home. My preference would be GSM for greater international coverage when traveling.

Thank you for the pointers.


International coverage would be the same with either partner [none], as Republic does not offer international service no matter which underlying carrier it uses in the US [as a hybrid WiFi first VoIP with cell backup, it uses the backup cell to connect to it VoIP partner [Bandwidth] to connect calls]
As CDMA phones also have the GSM radios they can be used with international carriers


Yes, I understand I need a local carrier SIM when traveling and all that goes along with that. Also, I can switch SIMs when connected to WiFi to make “local” calls in the States while overseas.

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