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I have been a RW user for about 4 years now. I’ve upgraded my phone from the Moto X 2nd gen to the Moto X4. It’s a good phone but 3 weeks after I bought it, the rear camera lens/glass cracked. This phones rear camera protrudes out the back of the phone. I do have an incipio phone protector case on it that was installed at the Raleigh retail store, but after installing the case, the camera protrusion is now flush with the case.

I did not drop this phone and I have no idea how the camera glass cracked or when it cracked. Working with Motorola, they would not repair the phone under warranty because they say they don’t cover physical damages like this under warranty. I advised them that with the rear camera protruding from the rear case, it’s just looking for a place to crack and the camera has a major design flaw IMO. But still they insist I broke the glass.

So now I’m having them repair the camera glass at my cost. By the way, the main screen is not even scratched and I don’t have a screen protector on the main screen because RW didn’t have one for this phone yet. Strange if I had dropped the phone or abused it that the main screen would have cracked before the camera glass…

The reason for this post is that I wanted to know if there were other folks out there who have had an issue with the camera glass on the Moto X4? I understand this is a relatively new phone offering from RW and there may not be many folks out there using it yet, but just the same, I thought I’d ask…


My Review

Great phone but does not do what the Moto X2nd gen did with being able to change the Moto-Assist wake-up phrase. There are a series of “Show me” commands, that’s new to me, but I still have to say “OK Google” which makes every Android phone around me wake up. Don’t do this while hanging out in the RW store! :slight_smile:

The only real downside to this phone is the protruding rear phone lens cracked after only three weeks and I don’t know how that happened. I don’t understand why Motorola would design this phone with a protruding camera lens that’s just looking for a place to get cracked. The lens should have been flush (or better yet, receded) with the phone’s rear case. I hope incepio comes up with a better protective case or a screen saver for the camera lens.

Had I realized the rear camera glass would break as easy as it did, I would not have bought this phone but now I’m stuck with it as RW can’t replace it with a different brand phone. Oh yea, my warranty is now void as well after only 3 weeks. Buyer beware.


It is a problem with camera extrusions but consumers want thin phones with great cameras and something had to be compromised. Honestly I think phones would be better overall if the thinness craze ended and that space was used for extra battery life.



Once repaired you might want to try one of these Tudia cases. They can also be found on eBay with free shipping. I have a couple for other phones, they work well and might add more protection for your X4.

The larger round camera assembles Moto is now using are more susceptible to damage. A larger window is a bigger target and the X4 the camera protrudes more than some.

I have to agree whole-heartedly @Bluegrass. I have always used protective cases and screen protectors on my phones. A ‘protruding’ glass component certainly seems like a design flaw to me as well.

Thanks for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:.

Best description of the Moto camera bump I’ve read. Personally have felt it’s purely a marketing/design “my camera is bigger” effort on the newer Es, Gs & X.

The camera design is just a mistake; there’s no nice way to put it. Motorola is obsessed with this over-sized round camera module, which debuted on the Moto Z last year. On the Z phones, the protruding circle at least serves a purpose: to stabilize Moto Mods. On other phones, it’s simply there in the name of maintaining Motorola’s brand identity, I guess. This brand identity looks clunky and low-effort, especially with two cameras in it. The Moto X4 just draws more attention to the camera hump with the watch-style hash marks around the perimeter. Motorola is trying to do too much on the back of this phone, and it comes off looking gaudy.


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I have the same issue with my rear camera glass. I bought a slim case as I have always done with all my phones. I’ve never had a phone break, never cracked a screen despite all the drops I’ve ever experienced.

But only a short while after buying this phone I realized my rear camera glass was cracked. Fortunately non of the numerous cracks in the glass cross directly in front of the lens. I don’t take tons of pictures, but so far haven’t taken any pictures that seem affected by this. I’m not sure when the glass broke but I agree that the design is poor but I’m hoping the cracked glass doesn’t get worse. It does seem like there’s some dust on the inside of the glass and if I push on the areas over the cracks I can see the glass move.

Hopefully at some point there’s a DIY replacement part or at least a reasonably priced repair option.

You may want to get a cheap non-tempered glass ordinary cellophane screen protector for any phone and cut your lens circle from that. It may help hold the glass together & help keep additional dust out. Just a suggestion till Moto decides there maybe an issue here.

I’ve been checking frequently and today I see replacement rear glass for the Moto X4 on eBay, so I bit the bullet for $8.50 shipped from China. I’ll update once received and installed.

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Thanks for sharing. Good to see replacements are readily available.

So today I received the new rear camera glass replacement. Ordered on 2/3 on eBay and delivered today 2/10 shipped from China. The fastest I’ve ever received anything shipped from there. Anyway, I ordered it in blue as I have the blueish silver colored Moto X4. It’s a darker blue color than the original but the removal of the broken glass and the install of the new was a breeze. It took less than 10 minutes. It came with a spudger, tweezer tool, cleaning wipes. Everything you would need and then some. I’m very happy with the purchase and my phone looks like new again.


Hi @roberth.e086ta,

I’m ashamed to say I had to look up the word spudger.

Would you share a photo with us? You have me curious to see how it turned out!

This is the best I was able to get. The dark blue matches my case now. Now that I’ve taken a picture I did notice a little blemish at about the 9:00 position that was self inflicted, but I do not notice it unless I look really close and at the right angle. I made the mistake of putting the glass in place without using the adhesive the first time and I carefully tried to pry it out with the metal tweezer instead of using one of the plastic tools.

There were no instructions included otherwise I probably would’ve put things together in the right order the first time


Thanks for the photos, @roberth.e086ta, and for the summary of your experience replacing the part.

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That’s great news. Appreciate your updates.

Glad it was an easy fix and should helps others in similar situations. After your previous replay I checked out what was available and found the oblong camera cover replacements are also available for many phones.

May all your photos will come out straight and level.


UGgggh this same thing happened to me today. I had the phone in hand and a door handle JUST barely touched it and it cracked. I’ve had the phone about 2 weeks and the reason I got it was that I had dropped a weight on the screen of my last one… whoops. The camera definitely sticks out a lot but this was a tiny hit. Has anyone found a reliable place for replacement glass or a good place to get it repaired?

Hi @shandy948
If you have the Moto X4 heres a replacement lense and a tempered glass protector for it.

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