Moto X4 same as Moto X Pure

My Moto X1 (maybe 2nd gen) is sending me weird signals. Like Google Maps stopped working, or Texting stopped working.
This started a day ago, is this a Google problem or do I need a new phone?

If I need a new phone is the Moto X4 the same thing as the Moto X Pure? If I add a memory card, how much is the memory expandable to?

If I buy it somewhere else, will a Sim kit for Republic Wireless fit the Moto X Pure?
How much is the Sim kit, I could not find a price in the “Shop” section.


This will probably fix the problem with your Moto x:

The X4 and Pure are different.

The SIM comes with the phone.

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The Republic Wireless Shop said if I did not like their phones I could get a different one if:
I bought a Sim adapter kit
The phone was compatible with the Sim Kit

I am guessing the Sim is how our phones go from internet to wireless carrier when talking or texting.

The Moto X pure would equal the Moto X 3rd,
A Republic BYOD SIM kit should work on either the Moto X Pure or Moto X4 purchase from a 3td party assuming there the North American Factory Unlocked models [this includes the Android one mode sold by project fi or the Amazon prime edition of the Moto X4


On GSM the Sims link all cell networks to the phone, on CDMA they link the 4G LTE to the phone

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If you buy a phone from RW it comes with a SIM. If you buy a compatible phone from some other vendor then you need to buy a SIM to work with that phone. That SIM is available from either RW or Amazon.

When you buy a phone from RW you have a 14-day return privilege. Other vendors have their own terms.

The SIM available from RW and Amazon works with their GSM carrier T-Mobile. If you order a phone from RW it will come with either a GSM SIM or a CDMA SIM depending on which carrier best serves your ZIP code.

The X1 that you have now will not work with the new SIMs. The SIM in that phone must stay with it even if you sell the phone or give it to someone else. It is a CDMA phone that works with Sprint, RW’s CDMA carrier.

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It looks like RW charges 5 bucks for a Sim. I saw Walmart had a starter kit for 16 bucks.

If I bought a Moto X Pure, could I put a RW Sim in it?


Yes, the one in link is correct model # and would work. I’ve had a X Pure for over a year and think it’s a great phone with many nice features.

Looks like RW has free shipping for the SIM card too. Good luck.


Does the screen seem like it is a lot larger, especially when reading maps?
The one I saw in Best Buy looked a lot bigger but the dimensions only show it is 0.5 inches larger (or something like 0.5").

Does the battery really hold a charge longer and get charged faster.

My MotoX is a first generation phone. So I am assuming it is going to be way better than what I am used to dealing with.

Will they allow for additional memory of up to 128 GBs? I read that somewher but saw another article that said it would only accept 64 GB cards.

Most importantly, does RW expect to be offering these phones soon or am I going to need to go through an outside vendor?

I would really like to do everything in-house.

If RW has no plans for “Pure”, why not? What do they know that we don’t know? Or is it more about Motorola not wanting their “flagship” product on an Off-label carrier/provider?

I wondered a little astray with these question.

the Moto X Pure (aka Moto X 3rd/Moto X 2015) is no longer in production (and that is why Republic moved it out of the Store (the Moto X4 replaced it) so Republic will no longer be selling it (it will still allow it to be activated as a BYOD phone so you will need to purchase via 3rd party.)
Most phones are only produced for year and the Pure was around a bit long but it is an older phone now (the Moto X4 aka Moto X 2017 is now in Republic store)

the Moto X was Motorola’s flagship but that has been replaced by the Moto Z line leaving the Moto X as a lower cost flagship wannabe in my option),4577,4883,5576,4577,4883,5576

I do not have the Moto X Pure so I will talk about it’s battery live but all Moto X since the 2nd Gen (214) have had Motorola’s Turbo Charging (Qualcomm quick charge 2.0)

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The screen is 1.0" larger per the specs. Much larger than the X1 which I had.

Battery very good IMO and it does charge much faster using the included turbo charger.

RW specs indicates it’ll take a 128GB card.

Just to clarify, the Moto X Pure was Moto’s flagship phone when introduced. The current Moto X 4 is the wannabe.

If you’re Moto X fan I think it’s still a lot of phone for the money and you’d be pleased.


Any SIM Kit that’s at Walmart wouldn’t work with Republic.


That is true the only places to get a Republic SIM is from Republic or Amazon
Republic SIM on Amazon

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So I am going to look into the Moto Z too.

Also, thanks to everyone for all of your help. I hit the “heart” button for all of you. Great job.


I just noticed my screen name is live.carcass, that was my Battlefield name, sorry for the crudity of it.

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