Moto x4 screen goes blank after dialing or answering

What phone do you have? Moto x4

What plan are you on? 25.00 month

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Includes data

Issue Description

When I make or receive a phone call, the screen goes blank, leaving me unable to end the call or reply to automated prompts, such as pressing 1 or 2 to reach a particular department. pressing any buttons on the side has no effect. I just have to wait for the screen to re-appear

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Welcome to the Community @jamesf.45p883

What you’re describing is the proximity sensor on the phone not functioning correctly.
This can be caused by a phone case/cover or screen protector (or malfunction of the phone but I don’t think it’s that).
Try removing any case/cover and seeing if that helps.
There is also a proximity sensor test you can run if you go to your phone and click on the Moto Help App.


Hi @jamesf.45p883,

The proximity sensor is located just above the viewable portion of the screen to the right and the is larger of the circular shapes. Besides the possibility of causes mentioned your hand placement near the top RH side may cause the screen to go dark.



The screen timeout maybe set too low. Try going into settings–> display and set the screen sleep time to a longer interval of time.

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@jamesf.45p883 Are you still having this issue? Did the advice about the proximity sensor help?

Yes the advice helped. Had a coating of dust over the sensor. Thank you


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