Moto X4 screen rotation is slow... will the Moto Z4 be faster?

Hello fellow Republic users…
I have a Moto X4 phone. The screen rotation is slow… and once in awhile won’t rotate at all.
I’ve looked online for suggestions/solutions and tried them but to no avail.

I like Moto phones and have thought about moving to a newer Moto like the Z4.
Will a Moto Z4 have a faster screen rotation than my X4?
I want to stick with Moto phones and stay with a smaller phone similar to my X4.


Hal Nash
Waldport, Oregon

  • I am not sure what you mean by ‘screen rotation’ please elaborate
  • Try booting up in Safe Mode to see if slowness is caused by a 3rd party app (they won’t load in SafeMode.
  • Not sure what you have tried, but if you haven’t cleared ‘recents’ lately this could possibly be a cause.
    • Tap Square icon at the bottom of display, then swipe up to clear
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Screen rotation is rotating the phone on it’s side to get a wide view or rotating it to an upright position… just like any smartphone can do.
Most phones rotate nearly instantly when rotated… but mine hesitates before rotating.

I know how to clear recent screens/notifications, etc.

I will try Safe Mode.



A bit more digging and I found this article that may provide something you haven’t tried


Thanks for that link… pretty cool app.

As mentioned in my initial post, screen rotation works but is slow compared to other people’s phones.
I was really wanting to know if a newer phone would have a faster screen rotation.
Thanks for your help.

I think the answer to this would depend on what’s causing the lag. If it’s because of some app that’s creating a delay, and you put that same app on the new phone, then you’d very likely see the lag on the new phone.

If the app is because the Moto X4 is struggling because the processor is maxed out, then again, you could see the same problem if you load the Z4 up with the same apps. If it’s because the X4 is out of memory and struggling to render the screen then a new phone is going to feel zippier… for a while.

I think this is why @jben was trying to dig into what might be causing the lag on the X4.

Comparing the tech specs, the Z4 does have more RAM (4GB vs 3GB on the X4) and internal memory (four times as much), but it actually has a slightly slower processor, though probably not different enough to really notice.

The graphics processor probably plays a role in screen rotation, and the Z4 does have a graphics processor that’s a step up from that of the X4, with better benchmarks in reviews I was able to find online.

With the Moto Z4, you’re still looking at a phone that’s already 2 years old and may be nearing the end of its battery life. Is there a reason you’re particulary interested in the Z4?

If you do go with the Z4, please be sure to let us know what you think. The Community Treasure Chest has some accessories for the Z4 that I’d be glad to send you a case and/or JBL Soundboost Speaker Moto Mod if you decide to get that phone.


Thanks for all the suggestions and thoughts on the Z4 vs. X4.

I did do the safe mode thing and there was still the same amount of lag that I encounter with the full mode.
It may be as you said… perhaps I’m maxxing out the X4. Also, I’ve about maxxed out the 32gb storage… I get routine notifications that I’m running out of storage and delete some unused apps.

As for getting a newer phone, I’ve always had Moto phones because of their value pricing. But the newer Motos seem to be getting larger and larger which I don’t like. Maybe I’ll switch to a Pixel 4 which is about the same… or slightly smaller than my X4.

Z4s are just a little bit longer than my X4 and as you said have 1 gb more ram. I can get a new Z4 for about $250 which is about all I want to spend.

You’ve given me a lot to consider… thanks again.


Delete unused apps Photos & data of the Phone. I bet there is so much on the phone it can’t function anymore normally.

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I notice lots of phones will Lag when about to run out of storage space (one of the reason I downgraded form a Z3-play(32GB) back to a Z2-Play(64GB) was storage space limitations


I just bought a Motorola Moto One 5G Ace! It’s a great phone if you buy from Motorola. 6GB Ram/ 128 Rom + 1GB SD card storage. I paid $329. & it’s the best phone I ever bought to date.


Hey thanks for the brief review of the Motorola One 5G Ace! I’ll look into it.

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