Moto X4 Setup Suggestions


Just ordered a Moto X4. It’s currently on backorder, which (hopefully) will work out OK because it is for a birthday present 3 weeks from now.

I go totally OCD when I buy something, and researched all the various issues that I could find with the phone over the last year or so. Encouraging is that many/most issues seem to have been ironed out. However, I’m wanting this to go as seamlessly as possible. It seems software updates sometimes make things not want to play well together. So… Here’s what I’m planning:

Fire it up, don’t set up the phone with Republic just yet. Check for OS updates (if it is not currently up to date). Update the various installed apps (Gmail, Chrome, etc.) Let things settle in a bit. Then? Perhaps wipe cache (to get a fresh start)? Factory reset (is that being a bit harsh?)

Then fire up Republic, connect to my account, etc. Connect up Gmail.

In the past, some of the glitches I read about were solved by going into some of the various settings. Are there any non-obvious settings that it wouldn’t hurt to check before putting the phone into daily use?

Suggestions for setting up some of the new-to-me features like fingerprint recognition?

I’m reasonably tech savvy, but I know that sometimes there are tips that existing users have figured out to make things go smoother.



If this is a present for someone else they may wish to do all this on their own. Half the fun of getting a new phone is cracking open the box for the first time and setting it up, in my opinion.


Would undo your updating of the apps and take them back to the OS version requiring them all to be updated again. So, either don’t update in the first place, or don’t reset.


The recipient of the gift is very non tech and simply wants to turn it on and have it work. I’m basically the in-house (well, our house) tech support.

I’m not sure if it ships with Oreo or Nougat - in which case I’ll want to update it first. As an example of what I’m talking about, in some posts from months back on the Lenovo forum there were issues with the fingerprint sensor and wifi after Oreo update. In each case, some fiddling with settings, etc. fixed them. Also, Oreo had reset some of the users settings, which caused some puzzling issues until it was discovered.

A very minor example of this: I recently updated the Republic app on my Moto X Pure. I was previously using the call blocking feature, but found it was turned off after the update. Not a big deal, just illustrating what can happen. If some wifi setting, for example, changes after an update, it can sometimes be puzzling trying to troubleshoot something that was previously working.

Anyway, just wondering if there are some tips from those who have “been there, done that” regarding anything that may not be obvious in setting up a factory fresh phone.



Hi @hansh.nlfkwa,

I wouldn’t suggest setting up the phone in advance, but if you want to walk through it with the gift recipient, one thing I’d suggest is checking the Photos app and Google Play Store app to make sure backing up, downloading, syncing, are all restricted to Wi-Fi only.

If your gift recipient installs any third-party apps, you’ll want to browse their settings for anything similar.

A Moto X4 is a very nice birthday gift! Will the recipient be a new Republic Wireless member, or are you upgrading an existing phone?


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