Moto x4 system size


When checking the Storage option in Settings, System section shows its using 16 gigs which seems extremely excessive.

Android 7.1.1


Hi @no.gwhfvi

That seems really high to me too. I have a Moto X Pure on 7.0 and Android is 7.94 GB.

Have you tried clearing the Android systems cache yet?

How to Clear the System Cache on Motorola and Nexus Phones – Republic Help

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Take a look in your settings to see what is taking up so much internal memory. In Settings, scroll down to Storage and have a look. That might give you some insight as to what is going on.


This is what been reported by others for this phone, my guess is Alexia is eating up some of that and Android is growing bigger with each release

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The same Android version varies a little bit from phone to phone…my X4 (non Amazon version)
has the system section listed at 13.1GB

Moto X Pure is at 10.82GB (Android 7.0)


Just to make sure we’re all looking at the same thing, my Moto X Pure shows the OS at 7.94 the same as @johnny5
I am looking at Settings/Storage where it shows the following

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Yes…same location…mine shows 10.82GB… I have the 64GB version…maybe that’s why generously sprinkled more of it into the OS :slight_smile:

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While we are reviewing storage…does your RAM memory show 2.5GB instead of 3GB?

under Settings -> Memory…mine says 2.5GB
even though
About Phone -> Hardware Information -> RAM size…lists it at 3GB


Concur … that’s what my MXP shows also … just no ‘truthiness’ anywhere :frowning:

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I have Moto X4 32gb and my system is 13.10GB
under Settings ->
> Memory…mine says 2.7GB
> AVG used 80%
> Free 537MB

even though
About Phone -> Hardware Information ->
> RAM size…lists it at 3GB
> ROM size…lists it as 32GB as it should

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