Moto X4 system takes 12 GB of storage

Just replaced crappy Moto G3 with a Moto X4 and the phone is 100 times better. Maps works without losing GPS every 30 seconds, videos play without pausing and timing out every minute or two. Wifi is working much better. Camera is good. I have no issues with performance at all.

However, Moto X4 system uses 12 + GB. Apparently this is a known issue and there is nothing that can be done about it. When they say it has 32GB storage, there is really only 19 - 20GB usable space. They need to let everyone know this.

Thanks for your review @randallr.rajo3e, and we’re glad to see that you’re enjoying the X4.

It does seem each time a phone’s storage capacity increases, the operating system’s size does, as well. I’ve noticed the same is true with computers. Could we send you a 32 GB SD card to help make sure you have plenty of storage available?


Yes, that would help.

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Where does the sd card go?

Hi @jerryd151

It looks like the SD card goes into the same tray as your sim card (It’s a double tray).
Here is a short video explaining :slight_smile:

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