Moto X4 that requires data or WiFi for sending/receiving texts?


I have 3 Moto X4 phones on the Republic network. 2 of the 3 phones have no problem receiving texts when both WiFi and Cell Data is OFF (providing there is cell service to make a phone call).

However, my 3rd phone does not function this way.

When the cell data is turned off and no wifii is connected, the phone will not send or receive text messages…

It even shows a message “Turn on cellular data”: Cellular data is needed for Republic to work properly.

On one of the phones that can send/receive texts without cell data or Wifi, I get the following message instead:

“Republic cell data disabled: Disabled for installed apps except for system apps used for Republic calling, SMS, and voicemail”.

What gives?

The phone with the issue is using the blue "default’ messaging app. The other 2 phones are using the Anywhere Messaging app.

Please help

Android 8.1.0 system

By ‘default’ messaging app … if it is not Android Messages :messages: it may not be one of the two supported apps.

  • If you turn on the cellular data (as the Notification suggested) does the failing device work properly?
  • If you are trying to prevent Cell data from being used, you can use the ‘Data Freeze’ function found in the Republic App under Data Tools.
  • Why 1 of 3 is different, perhaps a difference in user loaded Apps? Does the same problem still occur when you boot the phone in Safe Mode?

You should leave Mobile Data enabled as the notification suggests in-order for Republic services to work correctly. Even if you are on wifi. However, if you want to use wifi exclusively, and are looking to save battery life, or travel to an other country, its recommend to put the phone in Airplane mode then manually enable wifi.

Are all of your phones on the same network provider, GSM?

" Note: For Republic Wireless 3.0 Phones our GSM provider requires mobile data to be enabled in order for all messaging, including SMS, to be sent from the phone. See Check Network Settings for instructions on making sure mobile data is enabled."

You must have a data connection either wifi or cell data to send and receive text messages as R.W uses the Internet connection to do so, not the raw cell signal that calls fallback to.

This Notification is posted when you turn Cellular Data off via the Android Settings. You should use the ‘Data Freeze’ function found in the Republic App under Data Tools.

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