Moto X4 using an international sim card in the second slot



I have a Moto X4 which has the second Sim card slot - will my phone work if I add an international sim card into the second slot during some upcoming travel?


Republic does not support any dual sim phones. Only North American Unlocked model phones.
The dual sim international versions of the Moto X4 is not a supported model on R.W. (XT1900-2 or -6 or-7)
Only the: * Moto X4 (XT1900-1) is supported for use.

See this:

Also: (there is a section on the X4 in this article)

The X4 does have a micro SD card slot, so if you in fact do have the North American model, then perhaps you are thinking that slot is a second SIM slot?


Hi @whitneyjb,

@SpeedingCheetah is correct in that Republic doesn’t support dual SIM phones as these are international variants intended by the manufacturer for sale outside the U.S. If, on the other hand, you’re referring to an X4 already in use on Republic’s network, you likely do not have a dual SIM phone. Please allow me to provide some context on that. I can’t speak for the X4 as I don’t have one but other Motorola phones intended for sale in the U.S. do indeed have a spot for a second SIM on the SIM card tray. What they lack is a second SIM card reader inside the phone. In other words, even if one places a second SIM in the tray, there’s nothing inside the phone to read it and, therefore, it won’t work.

When traveling internationally with your X4, it is possible to switch between Republic service on WiFi and local (in country) cellular service by swapping SIMs back and forth. More on that and additional details here: International Travel with a Republic Phone.


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