Moto x4, video recording File size limits: update


What phone do you have? moto x4
What plan are you on? 3.0
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes

Issue Description

I decided to try out the 4k recording capability today at church. We’ll, 10min, 39sec into the video, it stopped. Tried again afterwards and same thing. Both times, file size was 3.80gb.

1080p60, 30 mins or so.

What good is the new camera quality if I can’t record as much as I want?

I tried internal memory and sdcard recording. I have 100gb free on the sdcard.



Some File Systems have a file size limit and might be stopping you from recording videos any larger than that limit. I’ve looked around and the Manual that came with your X4 should detail any recording limitations. You can always try and record using a third party app to try and get past this limit (if it’s not a file system limitation).

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Hi @RonaldW

Interesting. The first thing that popped into my mind was, what is the Display’s ‘timeout’ setting at?..(I have never tried a video in that length of duration, especially in 4K.

Just wondering.



Here’s the issue with this. The INTERNAL storage should have default EXT4 formatting which allows files in excess of 1TB. Now, the SD card could very well be FAT32 formatted in which case the file sizes mentioned are at exactly the limit.

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I tried recording to phone storage and sdcard.



The display never shut off. Even after the camera stopped recording.



I wondered about the format of the sdcard also but, i figured internal memory would work.

Seems to be a big oversight by Motorola.

After plugging it into my PC to check on the file system, it comes up generic hierarchical. Trying to find info on it. Nothing on Google giving me hard specs as to limitations yet.



You can always go directly to the source itself. You can live chat with Motorola via this link.

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It kind of appears that they (or someone) already did:



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Re: Camera file size issue on Moto x4
‎11-21-2017 09:19 AM
Hi Scortch1,

Unfortunately 4GB is the max file size supported by the file system on Android phones.

Motorola Support

According to Motorola official in their forums, they claim this is an android issue. I and several others politely told them they don’t know what they are talking about. Android can use ext4 which has a file size limit of about 1tb. This is either a Motorola phone issue, or a moto x4 issue.

More testing when I have time.



I’m one of those folks that spoke up with you there to tell them they have no idea what they’re talking about. This is not unique to Motorola. I spend a bunch of time on the Samsung Forums and their reps are just as bad, actually probably worse.

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Thanks for the help.



Lot of testing, talking to Motorola and getting nowhere.


After more experimentation, formatting the sdcard to exFat outside of the phone, which the phone supposedly did also…

Phone formatted exFat, no transfer to the physical sdcard by the computer, past 4GiB.

Reformat to exFat using windows, putting all the file back, 10.4gb file transfered fine.
Placed sdcard in the phone, everything was accepted with no issues. Transfered the same 10.4gb file from the computer, through the USB cable to the sdcard, no issues. No file size limitations.

That leaves an issue with the camera software & Motorola’s formatting of the sdcard to an exFat state that has file limitations.

So, I’m stuck with a phone with a messed up camera and haven’t found an alternative.

Bad thing is, I LOVED the moto x4.

So far, no acknowledgement of the issue or appearance to care

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This is a copy of the post I left in the Motorola forums.

Ok, first I must apologize to Motorola for blaming them for this issue.

After MUCH research, this is an artificial size limit of recording video by Google/Android OS. This file size limit has nothing to do with the format of exFat. Windows phones and iPhones do not suffer from this recording size limitation, only Android phones.

You would think after all this time, Google would have their act together on this issue. It goes WAY back through MANY versions of Android, and with more phones allowing sdcard again, it shouldn’t exist.

With that said, Motorola has a chance to fix this for their customers with the default camera app.

  1. Work with Google in fixing this issue.
  2. Like some 3rd party video apps in Google play Store (although they are lower quality than the one with my moto x4), they allow the continuous recording by continuously creating new files after the 3.80gb limit has been reached.

The current app on the moto x, which has much better quality in 4k, freezes the screen or just closes out with a quick message about the size being reached.

Thanks for any help you can offer us in a better default app for video recording.

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