Moto X4 vs Moto Z2 Play


I’m thinking about getting a Moto X4 but the Moto Z2 Play keeps nagging me. Has anyone looked in to these two phones? I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts on why you chose one over the other.


Hi @drog

I have not used either of those devices, however, you may find this helpful…,Motorola-Moto-Z2-Play/phones/10479,10508

You can get a lot of information/results by Googling “moto x4 vs. moto z2 play”… (I’m sure others with chime in as both are popular phones).

Hope this helps. :relaxed:


Thanks. I’ve been doing searches but haven’t seen much in real world usage. Might not matter though. I’ve read the X4 does not do adopted storage and will reconsider if that’s true.



If I were to choose today, the Z2 Play would be my choice over the X4. Moto currently has the 64 GB and 4 GB RAM version for same $350 price as the X4 is going for at many vendors. Specs and some of the features of the Z2 Play are better IMO. Enjoyed my Moto X and really like my X Pure but for me the Xs lost their luster when the X4 was introduced as a mid tier device.



Thanks for the input. It seems to me that features are kind of a wash. The Z2 Play does have more ram and internal storage but the X4 has a more powerful graphics processor. Computing power is about the same. The Z2 Play has a slightly better screen but the 5.5 inch screen on the phone I have now is too large. The X4 has Alexa built in but the Z2 Play requires an expensive and bulky add on. I also like how you can use multiple Bluetooth speakers on the X4 at the same time. My biggest problem with the X4 is it does not support adopted storage so I may just decide to hold on to the phone I’ve got.