Moto X4 w/Republic SIM for $165


You can get a compatible Moto X4 for $165 w/ a Republic SIM! Here’s a link to the deal over at B&H.


Hi @mb2x,

Links to retailers selling compatible phones are allowed. Our Community guidelines prohibit links to other cellular service providers.


Updated. I was just looking for the forum rules and couldn’t find them. Thanks!

Power Options for Motorola Moto Z Play (original version)

The offer above is for a 32k Black Moto X4. You can also get a 64K Sterling Blue (aka Nimbus) Moto X4 for just $250. There is a short backorder on the 32K Black Moto X4 but the 64K Sterling Blue phone is currently in stock. There are also additional coupons shown on the website for $15 off on the 32k phone and $25 off on the 64K phone.