Moto xpure has horrible battery life and charging issues even with new sim card


Hey there, I’ve had my Moto x pure since September 2016 and have always had battery life issues. Now, despite a new sim card , the battery life continues to be horrible, and the phone is very finicky when accepting a charge. Is it the phone? Is there a basic flaw with the charging outlet and battery life? I’ve moved from VA to SC and still have these issues.


Hi @carolm.ykzmlf

I have been using a MXP for about the same amount of time as you. While the battery life on my phone has never been “awesome”, it is about the same as the other smartphones I have used.

One thing I have always done is to keep the screen brightness down, as the MXP has a large screen…( set to around 35-50%)…whenever I turn it up to 100%, i’m shocked at how bright it is.

You can go to Settings>Battery and see a graph and list of what is using your battery…(you can tap on the graph and individual apps to get more info).

Maybe you could post some screen shots so we can compare and analyze what you are seeing on your device?.


At this point, I can hardly get it to hold a charge :frowning: and it’s very difficult to get it to charge. Do you have a recommendation for a different phone?thanks!


Can you describe your difficulty in charging the phone in more detail? This is often caused by a bad charging cable.

Here is a comparison of phones RW supports. The Pure is on this list so you can find one of comparable size and features.


I’ve purchased multiple charging cables with same problem.


With those ‘multiple charging cables’ was the usage all on the same power unit/wall wart, or were you using the USB on a PC?


I’ve used it on many different wall outlets,car chargers and battery backup chargers


The only other suggestion I have is checking the charging port for pocket lint, That can cause an intermittent connection.


I have an app installed called AccuBattery that monitors your battery and provides a wealth of information on battery usage.

One particular feature it has is a “Health” section. Currently, it reports my battery still has a 91% capacity. Might be useful in determining if the battery is dying on your device.


Thank you