Moto Z discount

Has anyone else seen that tje

Moto Z (unlocked US version 64G) is available on Amazon for $499?? That’s a significant price cut over RW. This has me thinking me may see a RW Moto Z offering in the near future. Anyone have any dirt they’d like to share?

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Hi @lancel.3xorbw

How about this?..…


moto-z-play-image-1-cff7faddf2-097630f1(On our $20 unlimited talk and text + 1GB of cell data plan. Taxes and telecom fees not included.)

(available 12/7 – 12/12)
The Moto Z Play is the gift that keeps on giving. With Moto Mods, you can literally transform your phone in one quick snap. Add a camera, a projector, a speaker, or more to your Moto Z Play. This phone does everything you need it to, and then some. From 12/7-12/12, get a Moto Z Play with up to 6 months of service on our $20 unlimited talk & text + 1GB of cell data plan FREE**, while supplies last. Must be activated by 12/29 for the free service to take effect.

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Yes I am aware of that deal. Thanks! I did not want the Z Play. I was asking about the Z.

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Oh, ok.

It is the season for deals and discounts, if I come across anything, I will post here.

You may want to bookmark , most offerings show up there.

For continuity sake… MOTO Z Sale on Amazon

Not really prepared for this special, special for 5 days. After 2 they are on back order. Disappointed

As long as it doesn’t say sold out you can still order at the sale price. The discount will be seen during checkout.

… but the special says it needs to be activated by Dec 29, 2016. How can you do that when you won’t get the phone until after Dec 29th?

Republic stated in another thread somewhere that they expect backorders to be delivered in time for activation of the promotion and that if that changes they will change the status to sold out.

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