Moto Z fell in the ocean. Can it be brought back to life?

What phone do you have? Moto Z

What plan are you on? Republic Wireless, 1 gig data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data talk and text

Issue Description

I fell overboard in a salt water harbor with my phone in my pocket. It was completely submerged for a few minutes. It had the extra battery mod attached at the time. I separated them and dried them off as much as possible. Now the phone (battery mod not attached) does not show any signs of life. it will not start up. How do I test to see if it is able to be saved?

Hi @lawrencew.6hrqau and welcome to the Community!

I sincerely wish I was welcoming you under better circumstances.

While they sometimes survive a quick dunk in fresh water, salt water is pretty much a death sentence for electronics. You mention the battery not showing signs of life? Did the phone itself survive?

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Thanks for your help, but I think it is no use. The phone would not turn on at all. It remained warm, even hot, to the touch for some time but now is cold after sitting overnight. I attached the Moto Mod battery booster to be sure it had power, but still no go.

Thanks again, it’s good to know you guys are out there.


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