Moto Z first charge

I just got my Moto Z play from republic and l put the phone to charge(FIRST CHARGE and never turn it on) over night and through out the night the most it got charge was 80-81%(phone was off). Any one had this happen to them want to know because hopefully l didn’t get a bad phone? l will see again tonight when l charge it again but this time phone will be on. Any input would be great cuz l really hope l didn’t get a bad phone.

That does sound odd in a new phone right out of the box. If it keeps doing that a Factory Data Reset should be run so that you will be ready to do a warranty return because on the surface of it this sounds like a bad battery.

In the mean time try a different charger. The one that came with it could be bad but if it will only charge up part way with different chargers then the issue is in the phone.

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