Moto Z & Moto Z Play From $260 At B&H



Moto Z Play - $260

Moto Z with free JBL mod - $400


Thanks for looking up deals on RW 3.0 compatible phones. I wonder if you could consolidate them into a single post and make sure to include the following links so
that members can make an informed choice.



Could you please clarify as this is a single post and not one for each phone? Thanks.


I was thinking you could consolidate it with something like this…that you posted a couple of days ago

The value in consolidation…is that you won’t have to keep repeating the relevant comments about coverage and compatibility. Just a thought. Also if it were turned into a Wiki…other members can also contribute and we can have a comprehensive list of good deals out there on 3rd party sites for 3.0 compatible phones.