Moto Z & Panasonic (KX-TG7875)


Hello thinking of ordering a Moto Z phone. I have a question as far as the phone service using Wi-Fi when available. We have in our house a Panasonic (model # KX-TG7875) which links the cell phones to a base unit using Bluetooth. This allows us to pick up any of the cordless units in the house and answer the cell phones. I’m thinking this shouldn’t be a problem with the Moto Z and Panasonic unit but thought I would check before ordering.



Hi @gordonp.ap1rwi,

Indeed it shouldn’t be a problem. As with all things Bluetooth, shouldn’t doesn’t always work out. For what it’s worth, I’ve used Panasonic’s Link2Cell Bluetooth technology with multiple Republic Motorola phones without issue but not the Moto Z Play.