Moto Z Play-$340 and Moto Z-$425 at B&H


Just a heads up for those looking.


And B&H usually has free shipping and they only charge tax in NJ and NY, if I remember correctly. So that’s an added savings. I think they also give you a 30-day return period, which is twice as long as all but Amazon, which charges tax.

So multiple savings to be had at B&H . . .


Anyone looking to purchase elsehwere would need to ensure that they are buying a compatible phone. This link will give you information about 3.0 phone compatibility. Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help


B&H sells the correct version.


Are you sure? The B&H model number is 01076NARTL but RW says they only support xt1650-03. Are they the same?


Yes and no. 01076NARTL is the North American unlocked version that Republic supports. The two are one and the same. Note that Republic supports the XT1635-02 not the 03.