Moto Z Play and Roaming

Hi just wondering and I haven’t found the real answer on here. Roaming on AT+T with the GSM phone? Is that a thing or not? I have been several places with no Tmobile service and Full At+T.

What am I missing? Isn’t there a roaming feature?


roaming is hit and miss, if the GSM carrier feel there coverage they don’t make a roaming agreement so not all AT&T towers will work for the phones

I did see that answer and found it odd.


A few months ago I planned to order the $20.00 SIM at the link below to test a problem with my S7. When I called them to place the order they sent it to me for $4.00. It included 30 minutes talk time so no further expense was necessary for my test. Having used this to activate my phone with T-Mobile I then had an avenue of approach to them so I called to find out why my phone didn’t roam on a nearby AT & T tower when my marginal T-Mobile signal dropped.

Roaming on that tower would have taken me from a 0 - 1 bar situation rarely adequate for calls to a 4 - 5 bar situation anywhere inside or near my home. I explained that to T-Mobile but their engineers had determined there was no need to roam on that tower. It was essentially ‘like it or lump it.’

I faced a similar situation with my CDMA service. The distant Sprint tower’s signal was also 0 - 1 bars but a somewhat closer Verizon tower delivered 1 - 2 bars. Throughout the day my phone switched from Home to Roam as the Sprint signal waxed and waned. My WiFi is adequate but when there are power outages the Sprint roaming arrangement is far better than T-Mobile’s.

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