Moto Z Play battery drain problem

I have a Moto Z Play phone for the past 3.5 years. For the past 2-3 months the battery has drained very quickly, without my using the phone much. For example, with 100% charge I could see some webpages for 15-20 minutes before the battery gets to 50%. Then from 50% to 0% takes about 30 seconds. Most/all of my apps don’t use lots of power, so no Facebook app on my phone.

Does anybody know how to fix this issue?


There is some good information on diagnosing battery drain in the following linked help article:

It’s quite possible that the battery capacity in your Moto Z play has just degraded to the point of needing replacement (I have a couple Google Pixels that seem to need a battery replacement every two years). I use a app called AccuBattery to help me determine battery capacity.

Thank you for your reply. I will clear cache on the phone to see if this will reduce the problem. If not, then I will buy a new battery for the phone.


Personally, if it turns out to be a degraded battery, I would just replace the phone with something newer. The Moto Z play is 4 years old now. It’s not going to get any further operating system updates or regular security updates. The only reason I replaced the battery on my Pixels (several years ago) is that Google continued to keep the phone current with updates well beyond the 2 year battery life. Of course, on the opposite side, many others choose to replace the battery without regard to such things, and that’s OK too.

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After reading the article above, I decided to try out the
app called AccuBattery.
My Moto X4 would not last 12 hours until the battery was down to 5 or 10%. Installed Accubattery about two weeks ago and, for example, yesterday, after 16 hours, it still showed 48%!
My wife then installed it on her G7 Power which used to go two days per charge, but had deteriorated to barely one day. After a few days with the app, it’s acting like new!
Highly recommend trying Accubattery.

Re AccuBattery, does your version require payment? I use the free version and I don’t think that the app helps my phone battery much (if any).

Also, I was not able to clear cache on my phone. The process just went on and on without getting to the next page, so after an hour, I just quit trying to clear cache. Maybe this is a clue that my battery is in need of a replacement.

Both of ours are on the free version (wanted to try it first). Haven’t tried clearing the cache.

I don’t believe I’ve ever experienced any change in battery life using AccuBattery. I just use it to determine the battery health as a percent of new advertised capacity.


Seconded. Accubattery doesn’t include improved battery life as a supposed feature of the product. Specifically: " Accu​Battery protects battery health , displays battery usage information, and measures battery capacity (mAh) based on science."

Thanks for all of your replies. As you can guess, I don’t know much about phones or phone batteries.


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