Moto Z Play: Best. Phone. Ever

I decided to buy a Moto Z Play during the December promotion and it’s ended up being one of the best spontaneous decisions I’ve ever made.

Battery Life

This is incredible. I’ve had it for a month now and still find that it’s routinely got 45-55% charge at the end of the day when I plug it back in. (I typically wake up around 5:30am and go to bed at 10:30pm.) I decided to test it once and the phone still had a charge after 40 hours unplugged. I haven’t had a phone battery this great since using a flip.


The phone has a lot of zip and quickly flips between apps. I go to the gym every morning and use 2-3 different apps while there: streaming radio, MyFitnessPal, and sometimes Facebook. My previous phone would almost always kill the radio app once I tried flipping over to MyFitnessPal. The Moto Z Play multi-tasks effortlessly.


The best part about this phone is that it only cost me $350 and I’ve got free service for the next 6 months, but even if I had paid full retail price and still been responsible for these next 6 months, this phone would have been totally worth it. I hope to have this phone for a long time. Now to investigate some of these Moto Mods…


That’s awesome @sterling

Thank you for the feedback. Keep us posted on your Mods investigation.


Ditto on loving the battery life; coming from a 3 yr-old Moto X Gen 1, it pretty much feels like a 5-fold improvement.

Build quality on the phone is very nice, and RW sends Moto Z Play out with a basic but handsome back plate.

The heft of the phone is significant, and its rounded polished edges may make it harder to grip in one hand. For that reason I’d recommend checking out a simple case to make it easier to hold securely.

The moto mods feature is enticing, although probably gimmicky I do like how they are all engineered to fit flush and look good when attached. One under-the-radar issue with the mods is their fit with a case. In other words, if you have a mod attached, that probably means most cases won’t be able to fit your augmented MZP.

Nevertheless I am eyeballing the battery pack mod (would effectively add another day-plus worth of juice) and the speaker/boombox mod!

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