Moto Z Play Case w/ Style Shell?

Hello folks,

I’m looking for a Moto Z Play phone case that is compatible with the included Moto Style Shell (wood grain).

I looked around on Amazon a bit and found the cases for sale there are not compatible with the Style Shell (or any mods, for that matter). I’m not planning to use any Moto Mods, other than the Style Shell that came with the phone. I sure can’t be the only person with this desire. Does anybody have any ideas?

Not sure if you’re still looking - I’ve seen some discussion on reddit (r/Moto_Z) about use of the Incipio branded bumper case with mods. Presumably this ‘case’ would also work with the style shell - though as it’s a bumper it wouldn’t cover the shell - just the edges of the phone and provide an edge around the screen.

Have not seen or used this myself.

Cheers for the link to the incipio bumper; checked out the redditor’s impressions and some issues were mentioned: the “lip” in front sticking out too much, the mods/shell being difficult to pry off with the case on, the price.

I’m currently eyeballing this Verizon bumper:

Verizon Two-Tone Bumper Case for Moto Z Play Droid - Verizon Wireless

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