Moto Z play case with mods

I just order my moto z play form republic and l was wondering which case are good with the phone still don’t know on which mod I want but l need case that will work for both or just one mod at a time

Case for Power pack

case for jbl speaker

or one that work with both

l want a good case since we all know there is no insurance for our republic phone



There’s insurance available with Square Trade or Securranty. Google electronics insurance!

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unless the Mods all have the same dimensions you unlikely fine one that will fit both

also note a case on the Speaker mod makes no sence as it would kill the sound out of the speaker

my search for Z Play cases doesn’t show any with mods attach (in fact most cases are mods themselves

a case to cover the other side of the phone screen and edges not to cover the speaker

one could get a bumper case for it but it will have to be different than the battery case because the Mod for the speaker is thicker than the one for the battery, as for the back it all speaker or stand and the front is the glass interface meaning no real cover

as I said before my search have not found any cases other than for the base phone

one can keep searching but it looks like accessory makers are just not making any

that what it looks like it make sense to have a case to help protect the mods but then most company dont want to make a product for the the 1% or so of ppl getting mods.

Any good bumper case out there. I got me an incipio

[PERFORMANCE] SERIES LEVEL 4 for day to day use love the case but l hate that l had to pay a little more for a hostler that will never get use.

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