Moto Z Play continuously disconnecting from WiFi, and reconnecting

What phone do you have? Moto Z Play

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1GB of data

Issue Description

I just bought a Moto Z Play, and got it activated Wednesday night.
I have noticed that the phone has serious issues with remaining connected to the WiFi connection, and continuously will disconnect and then try to reconnect. Sometimes it does it immediately, other times I turn the WiFi off and back on, and that helps it reconnect quickly.

I just googled, and found that this is apparently an issue with the Moto Z Play (and other Moto phones), in the last year (and since the Moto Z Play released in November 2016?).

I haven’t found what looks to be like one solution to solve the problem, which I find very odd considering we are a year and a half after it released.

Is there one actual solution to this problem that we can say 100% fixes this known issue? If not, I may return this phone and just wait for another option. I don’t want to be having a phone hopping on/off of WiFi. If I’m paying for data, I want it for when I want to use it by choice, not because my phone won’t remain connected to the WiFi, and it’s costing me unnecessary data usage when it does this.

Thanks for any help in advance!

*Update to some experiments.
I have found that the phone is automatically switching off the WiFi connection and switching to the Republic Wireless service whenever I open up apps. It doesn’t matter so far what app I have opened, I can get it to replicate the WiFi being turned off basically each time. Sometimes it comes back, sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s almost 100% of the time when the app opens, and if not when it opens, when it closes out.

I’ve tried it with the Republic App, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook (this is when it cost me data on an upload earlier), my diabetes app, etc.

It says a message starting with, “Something may be blocking…” occasionally as well.

If you live somewhere crowded with WiFi routers you might be experiencing a conflict. You can check for conflicts with this app:

Conflicts can often be resolved by gong into your router and changing frequencies.

If you have a dual-band router try using the 5 Ghz band. The range isn’t as good but doing to can solve conflict problems.

This might have something to do with your router. Since you have a way to cause the disconnect try that when you are connected to a different WiFi.

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I guess all Moto Z Play phones were not created equal. Mine performs as it should. I have had no issues with connecting to WiFi networks with this phone.

Our router is ancient, no dual-band. I just downloaded the app, and our router is to the far left of the graph, named WeLoveCoffee.

Picture attached…

Move it to channel 2 or 4 and see if that help. It is colliding with GB Envy…

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Thanks for the reply and feedback! I wasn’t sure what I was looking at in the app, just that it was definitely competing with the Envy.

I have the channel as “Auto” now, so if I pick channel 2 or 4, would I need to do anything on the phone side after changing it?

No, nothing will benecessary on the phone side. I hope this solves your problem.

Yes, your WiFi signal is getting stepped on pretty hard by both OB-ENVY 4500 and ATT93mey5J, which can certainly cause a number of problems.

In fact, you don’t really have any good options on the 2.4GHz frequency. If you move up the scale in channels, you run the risk of getting stepped on from both lower AND higher channels, which would be even worse.

It looks to me like your best bet would be to get a dual band router and start connecting to the 5GHz frequency at home, which is sure to be less crowded.

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I switched the app over and looked at 5, picture attached. I have no idea how 5GHz works, or versus what I have now, but it’s probably past time to upgrade our router.

Here’s the 5GHz currently showing up -

I did switch the channel over, but the issue is still persistent. I open an app, and the WiFi disconnects/connects.
I had a Moto X on this same router for the last 4 years, and this was never an issue. I have my wife’s iPhone, a DVD player connected, game systems, etc.
None of those give these random disconnect/connect messages all the time. If this was random, like once a day, I doubt I would have noticed it, but this is a constant issue on the phone since getting up started.

Here are just a few links talking about this known issue with the Moto Z series disconnecting like this -

Each one appears to try something different, to fix the problem. Some users will say they do what other users do, but the problem has been persistent. So, I don’t know…

Seeing all these threads from other Moto Z users, I doubt that a new router will fix it, considering it seems to be a feature of the phone…

I recall something floating around not to long ago in tech news that certain older chipset routers and certain model newer smartphones wifi chpsets had strange compatibility issues.

If you have an obsolete “G” router…that may be your issue.

You could also look into seeing if there is a firmware update for your router. That may help. But if its obsolete model, most likely no updates in some time.

A modern dual band (AC) router is a huge improvement over even “N” routers.
And a decent AC router is pretty cheap these days.
I recently recommend this ASUS AC model to a buddy to replace his ancient N router: only $49.99■■■■sr=8-2&keywords=asus+ac750

Though I do see some of the older standard N routers for $20-$30.

I use an older top end ASUS model. And am in a VERY crowed WiFI environment. Works very well
I have stuck with ASUS routers for several years. They keep their older models updated to fix security flaws, unlike many of the other popular name brands that stop updating a year or two after the newer model comes out.


Scott, I’m sorry switching frequencies didn’t solve the problem. Next I suggest you try the phone on a different WiFi.

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This is an excellent next step, @scottm.wbjm7o. Do you have a McDonalds, Starbucks, Lowes hardware, or public library nearby where you could connect to Wi-Fi and see if the problem can be reproduced there? This would help us understand whether the issue is on the phone or something do with your Wi-Fi network.

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Thanks for linking that router directly, will save me time if I do decide to try and go that route!

On trying a different WiFi, my work does have one, but I rarely use my phone at work for internet stuff. Tomorrow though, I will connect it and try to open up the apps repeatedly and see if I can get it to repeat the same issue.


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