Moto Z Play Discount Plus up to Six Months of Free Service: December 7 to December 19, 2016"

Hello guys, I bought a Moto Z Play in December 2016 when you had a special offer, “Moto Z Play Discount Plus up to Six Months of Free Service: December 7 to December 19, 2016”. So, I did everything what is described in term and conditions, I bought the phone in that specific period and got it activated in a proper time period. Two months the bill was only for taxes. Now, a few days ago I got a full bill for $23.18. As I Understand, according to terms and conditions I have 6 months of free service, but I have to pay in full after two months already. Is this some changes I wasn’t informed about or is it a mistake?

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It is a mistake. Republic had a billing system glitch where customers who were billed over a 4-day period had this issue. They’re working to credit it back to everyone, but you should open a ticket to be sure. Republic Help

Hi @pavelb.47ypmx ,

Thanks for taking the time to ask about this, and so kindly, as well! This was indeed a mistake and billing specialists are hard at working correcting it. (I saw them working extra late today!)

We had some system maintenance earlier this week and in the process the script that applies the discount to the service lines failed for some of our members who qualify for this promotion. I’m sure it was an unexpected and unwanted surprise, and I apologize.

If you want to open a ticket just to make sure yours is corrected, please do so from our Help page, or if you hang in there, the billing team will straighten it out without your having to take any further action.

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