Moto Z Play display is blank

I have got a new Moto Z play phone couple of months ago. Display is not working and am not sure if it is even powered.

Tried all steps on Motorola Help

How do I get the MEID number of the phone ?

How do I even get it replaced?



Hi @thakkalapalli,

Sorry to hear of the difficulties!

You may find your phone’s MEID in your Republic My Account Portal. It will be listed as the Device ID. Did you purchase your Z Play from Republic or a third party retailer. If Republic, have you raised a help ticket when signed into your Republic account here?

I have bought it from Republic Wireless. opened a ticket now.

I have activated my old phone now. So, I am not sure if the portal is showing correct MEID of the affected device.

Hi @thakkalapalli,

You have a point, the MEID shown would be that of your active phone. Do you still have the box your Z Play came in? It would be on a label there, probably listed as the IMEI.

The MEID is the same as the IMEI except for the last digit. Just omit the last digit of the IMEI and you have the MEID. Really though, anyone wanting the MEID for a potential warranty claim should accept the IMEI also. Typically, GSM phone’s (your Z Play is GSM) serial numbers are referenced as the IMEI. CDMA phone’s serial numbers are usually referenced as the MEID.

I do not have the shipping box. Is there anyway to pull the MEID /IMEI of the device from RW database.

Hi @thakkalapalli,

I would expect it’s possible, however, for that you’ll need to raise a help ticket. You may do so when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help. I suggest making a pit stop here first: Orders & Payments | Republic Wireless. Grabbing the invoice number for the order should help Republic staff find the information faster for you.

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