Moto Z Play doesn't get past start up screen and restarts

Monday night, I didn’t think to charge my Moto Z Play because I had 40% battery, which usually lasts me at least another day. Tuesday morning, found that my phone battery was drained, so I plugged it in the charger and after a while, tried turning it on. When I turned it on, it was stuck on the moto start up screen and I thought maybe it was just taking a while to start up because I never turn my phone off. 1 hour later, still stuck on start up screen so I held down the power button to turn it off. After a while, it rebooted itself and was stuck on the moto start up screen. Then it turned itself off. It kept doing that until I held the down volume button and power and turned it off that way.

I searched online and people said it might be because of the system update and having an SD card. I never did any of the system updates, but I did have an SD card. They said their problem was fixed after taking out the SD card, so I took mine out and restarted it. Still same problem as the one mentioned above. They also tried factory reseting it, and said it didn’t work. I tried that anyways, and it didn’t work.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Any suggestions on what I should do?

Also, I got this phone as part of the Christmas deal so I’ve had it for 4 months and it was perfectly functional before Tuesday. I haven’t been able to use my phone since then.

You could try deleting the Android cache. It’s on the same menu as the Factory Reset.

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Hi @tashayoujunl.pyavqo,

I’m sorry to hear of this experience. Generally, when a factory reset fails to restore normal operation to one’s phone, the phone is defective. Your Moto Z Play has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

One question for you; when you did the factory reset, did you accept Google’s offer to restore apps and settings. If so, another factory reset while declining that offer is worth a shot. If you’ve already tried that or should that also fail, please raise a help ticket with Republic for further assistance: You may do so here: Republic Help.

Hi Roland,

Thanks for your response! I’m trying to factory reset it again, and when that option is highlighted, underneath, I get a message saying “If your phone is reset, you’ll need to enter the Google account information (email address and password) associated with this phone to be able to use it again.” After I select it, it proceeds to (I assume) reset it. It goes blank and starts up again, but gets stuck on the Moto start up page.
I’m only told that there is an option for Google to restore apps and settings, I don’t actually get to accept or decline the offer. Is the offer is offered after the phone starts up? Because my phone doesn’t fully start up.
I’m not sure if I am misunderstanding your suggested. In any case, I will open a ticket with Republic.

Thanks for your help!


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