Moto Z Play from Woot: is it compatible?


Woot is selling a Moto Z Play (refurbished) today for $249.99. The Republic compatibility list shows the MOT1635-02 as the supported model. The Woot site lists their model as the MOT1635. So, does anybody know whether the Woot phone an option or not? It does say “built for Verizon but compatible with GSM networks AT&T and T-mobile”.


It is not. This is the Verizon version of the phone and won’t work with Republic.


So, this model number is not support by RW, even for use with the Sprint network?


As you know, Republic requires that phones be a specific model and software build in order to activate with Republic. In this case, the phone is the Moto Z Droid that has been unlocked on the GSM side, so that it can be activated with GSM carriers.

So, it is the wrong phone model AND running the Verizon software build (which won’t be accepted by Republic). It has the technical capabilities to be activated with Republic’s GSM carrier, but it is not possible to activate it with that partner through Republic.

In addition, the phone can not be activated on Sprint (period, by anyone).


That’s what I suspected. Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll probably get a Moto G5 Plus when my old Moto X is no longer usable.


Our Moto X1s were replaced by Moto X Pure last year…and Moto G5 plus this year… The G5+, especially the 64GB one (which comes with 4GB RAM) is an excellent choice. Although, I am curious what the new X4 will be like.


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