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So I’m very interested in getting a Moto Z Play, but according to the coverage too, It’s not reliable in my zipcode (35773). However, after some digging, I found the information regarding Republic Wireless 3.0, including the GSM coverage map, and I can’t see why that zip code is being flagged for coverage issues. The best I can tell, there aren’t even any tiny blips in the area.

Specifically, I live near the corner of Hwy 53 and Jeff Rd, and the best I can tell, coverage should be fine in that area. Is there anyone that can confirm or debunk that for me? I understand erring on the side of caution in the zip code tool, and I did some checks in areas with clear coverage holes to make sure I was understanding why some of them are flagged as issues, but I can’t see what’s flagging 35773.

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Hi @kyleb.cq0vyl,

Republic’s GSM coverage map lacks nuance. It accurately depicts coverage but not the strength of that coverage’s signal. Looking at the GSM partner’s map directly, much of the coverage in Toney, AL is characterized as fair signal strength. Here’s how Republic’s GSM partner describes that:

Cell reception outdoors and occasionally indoors.

In this case, I think Republic’s coverage check tool likely has it right. If you wish to give it a try anyway, Republic does offer a 14-day Money Back Guarantee.

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