Moto z play, not even activated, cannot find sim card

Anyone have any suggestions? I originally brought over my old account information and apps. I read that the Facebook app and Facebook messenger app might cause the problem so I deleted them. Then I deleted all of the apps added from my old account. I loaded the phone in safe mode several times. I just did a factory reset and did not link my old account. Still no luck getting the phone to find the sim card. I’ve also removed the sim card and repositioned it. Any suggestions or advice would be helpful.


Did the Moto Z come from Republic? Have you tried reseating the card?

Yes, the phone came from Republic, I received it yesterday and first tried to activate it a few hours later. I did remove the sim card tray, remove the sim card, and replace it. Does that count as reseating it?

It could be as simple as a bad SIM.

Open a support ticket. Use the chat line for faster service. Republic Help


Thanks, I did just that. Looks like a bad SIM card.


Thanks for the info, I’m having the same exact problem - will open ticket as well

Yes, the phone came from Republic

Thanks for the info, I’m having the same exact problem

3.0 CDMA SIM cards shipped in GSM only phones? Ya never know with RW.

Same here. Already opened a ticket.

Sim cards are to be installed in the RW sold phones already. There should be a CC size plastic card with adapters and the sim punched out already. That means the sim should be in the phone. It can be taken out checked and reinstalled to see it there was a problem.

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I think this is no longer always the case. I’ve heard more than one person say their phone came with the SIM card in the box, but not installed.


I haven’t heard anything to that at all, looks like the Grape vine is turned to vinegar. I just don’t understand decision making lately at RW. Looks like they need to hire a Decision Monitor like a room monitor in preschool classes.

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Please don’t take it as gospel, because it’s just what I’ve seen said a couple of times. I can think of a couple of good reasons for this: 1) Fulfillment speed 2) Not opening the box the phone comes in form the manufacturer. Both seem like good things. I can’t think of a phone that I’ve bought online from another carrier ever coming with the SIM inserted.

I’m not sure what conclusion RW came to other than that the SIM card is bad. Sorry. Can you tell from the ID # on the SIM card?

So, rereading my question it does read as if I literally cannot find the card. What I actually meant was the phone couldn’t find the card. Sorry for the confusion!

For reference, the SIM card did come installed in the phone already. It was installed correctly. Looks like just a bad SIM card. Still waiting for a new one.

Although I did get thrown for a loop when I saw the phone box was open and had a generic clear sticker over the obviously cut original Mototola seal. Then I did some reading here and realized why the box was open. Even a sticker that says something like “Republic Wireless opened the box to install the SIM card so you didn’t have to!” would go a long way to clear up some initial confusion, at least on my part.


Do you have a ticket open? Please post the ticket number here.

You might be able to get this resolved without getting a new SIM. Did you already order a new SIM?


Yep, the ticket number is 1011062. Someone at RW did place an order this morning for a sim card and it finally shipped out within the past hour. I’m really hoping it gets here tomorrow. But if you think there’s a better way, I’m all for trying something.

Must have been a bunch of bad SIM cards. My ticket # is 1012708 and my Moto Z Play also came with a bad SIM card. The new one shipped within the past hour. I’m really hoping it gets here tomorrow and that solves the problem. The other possibility that no one wants to think about is that these Moto Z Play phones have defective SIM card readers in them!

Oh geez, I’m sorry you are going through this too! They had me install an app to check and see if it might be the phone that was the issue or the SIM card. After they saw the results they ordered a new SIM card. So I’m hoping it’s not the phone! Good luck with your new SIM card!

Thanks for clarifying that… I just wanted to make sure you were getting the new SIM card based on guidance from Republic support and not based on the initial symptom of “undetectable SIM card” error message. I hope you receive your replacement SIM card soon.

Do keep us posted of your progress.

The SIM Card Details App? Yep, they had me do the same thing and ordered a new SIM card on my behalf after seeing the results. Mine is arriving on Friday. We will see how it goes! Good luck with your SIM card as well.

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