Moto Z Play not working after 1 day

Just bought a Moto Z Play. Had it one day. The phone will not work today. It seems like it is on because it vibrates when I touch the home button, but it doesn’t come on. Nothing comes on the screen. If I shake it, the flashlight comes on.

Have you tried to restart it with a long press of the power button? Usually, it should restart within 7 to 10 seconds, but it can take up to 2-3 minutes for an unresponsive phone to respond.

If that doesn’t work please submit a help ticket

Yes I did try that. And I Already opened a ticket

I hate to sound like a ‘smart pants’ but I’m a Moto Z Play user and want to point out that the phone doesn’t have a home button, the square fingerprint sensor on the bottom of the screen can be easily mistaken for it. Touching the square sensor does make the phone vibrate w/o turning the screen on if the fingerprint sensor isn’t set up or it is not recognizing the fingerprint. Another difference in design of this phone, vs other Moto phones, is that the power button is located below vol+/- buttons and not on the top, something I’m still getting a bit confused about. Is there any reaction when you press the power button?

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