Moto Z Play only charge when off

I have a Moto Play Z that is about a year and a half old. It will no longer charge when it is on. It will charge if the phone is turned off and will continue to charge if it it turned on while it is charging. I have no idea why this is happening and wanted to see if others were having this issue and if there is a way to correct this.

Have you tried different cables and/or chargers? I’ve seen this problem mentioned before but am unable to determine an exact fix.

I have used 4 different chargers/cables. The charger that came with it, my car charger and two others. Two days ago they all worked while it was on. Today they all work only when the phone is powered off.

A common troubleshooting step would be to put the phone in safe mode and see if it charges in this condition.


@erinr Are you still having this issue?

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