Moto Z Play or Moto G4 Plus?

Currently I have a Moto X (1st Gen) on RW 2.0. The phone is rapidly approaching 3 years old. By far the longest I’ve ever had a phone. I used to work for Big Red (VZW), so I swapped out phone every 4-6 months. lol. So I’m in the market for a phone hopefully before years end. I’m curious on people’s thoughts. For reference, I’m looking in the $300-$400 range.

Screen is virtually the same. Same size, same resolution, same dpi. The Moto Z takes a couple points with the gorilla glass. But the G4+ gets splash resistance.

**Processor: ** Snap dragon 625 in the Moto Z and Snapdragon 617 with the Moto G4+. So its Octacore 2000Mhz vs Octacore 1500Mhz

**Ram: **Only 3gb in the Z play versus 4gb in the Moto G4+

Battery: 3510 mah in the Moto Z, versus only 3000mAh in the G4+

Only other difference really is the lack of NFC (and compass I think) in the Moto G4+

I like the look of the MotoZ Play, but I have a hard time justifying $150 (50%) more for the Z play. Anyone able to provide some insight? I mean, actually for the matter against even the normal Moto Z, the G4+ seems hard to beat.

For your viewing pleasure: Phone Arena Comparison

Note the Moto Z is limited to GSM carriers and the Moto G4 isn’t. So you better make sure TMobile’s network works for you if you are buying the Moto Z.

So far the Moto Z hasn’t got any one or two star ratings on Amazon, but it’s still early with only 33 reviews. Keep an eye out for sales on Amazon, Best Buy and B&H.

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Good point. I have the Moto X so I’m aware of the Sprint Network. My wife has the G4+ (16gb) so she has the Tmobile one. Both have been fine.

here another comparison,5251

the Moto Z play is a tad wider and a bit thinner

Moto Z has access to Moto Mod accessories (which each have their cost)

keep in mind the Moto Z can shoot 4K video where the Moto G4 Plus cannot

the Moto G4 Plus has FM radio where the Moto Z does not

Ah! Phone scoop, I forgot that one! Used to use it all the time.

Thought that comparision is only accurate for the 16gb G4+. The 32Gb G4+ has 4GB RAM.

Yeah, the G4+ as a slightly higher screen to body ratio. But that thickness on the Z is NICE.

I really like the idea of the moto mods, they are just stupid expensive. Especially paying $150 more for a (potentially) lesser phone then $200-$300 for attachments.

4K really doesn’t matter, don’t have anything 4K and probably won’t for a couple years

FM radio is, meh, doesn’t matter to much.

Love the breakdowns!

May be a year older and less expensive. Believe the X Pure warrants some consideration and isn’t lacking in the rating/praise category.

I went from a Moto X (1st Gen) that I carried for 3 years to a Moto Z. From that, I’d say Moto Z Play. From that you get more RAM, better CPU, AMOLED screen (which I prefer), and more importantly BATTERY LIFE. Ye GODS that Moto Z Play has a near insane battery life, that only gets more unbelievable if you decide to add one of the admittedly expensive Moto Battery Mods to it (Which can have Qi capability too).

Personally, I probably would have loved to go with the Moto Z Play, in its cheaper price and battery life, but I tend to work my phone hard while driving (GPS, Music, Work App, etc.) and tend to need the extra RAM and processor power the Moto Z has so that it doesn’t start to lag there especially when switching between apps. Even then, the less powerful battery Moto Z with a Battery Moto Mod lasts me from 7:45 AM till 5 PM … when I leave the screen on, running GPS, and streaming music constantly. That is even running through an hour long low signal / no signal area.

As for the Moto Mod prices? Expensive. The Speaker Mod isn’t as impressive in volume or bass as say my UE Mini Boom, while costing more. The Battery Mod doesn’t have as much power as my power brick, requires an OTG or similar to charge a different device as well. So why did I buy them? It depends on the day. I like to take my phone out with the normal back plate, so I get a nice thin and light phone. On days I expect to use a lot of power, I’ll just place the Battery Mod on it instead. Thinking I’ll watch a video or two during lunch or when I’m stuck shopping? I’ll bring the speaker mod for videos/music. Sure, I could have brought my bluetooth speaker or my power brick … but having the mod attached to the phone makes it feel like one item, instead of multiple, making it much harder for my forgetful self to misplace/forget one of bluetooth speaker/power brick. Even the Speaker Mod, which adds quite a bit of thickness, still fits in the small pocket on my cargo pants meant for a phone.

The Moto G 64 GB actually has 4gb RAM. The Z Play only has 3. The Z does have a better CPU.

The “Taco Tuesday” sale on the Moto G4 is pretty enticing actually

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