Moto Z Play Oreo update?

Hi, I noticed that Motorola is now shipping Oreo updates for Moto Z Play. When will this be available for Republic Wireless phones? Thanks!

There’s nothing magic about a Moto Z Play on Republic Wireless. Whenever the update is available to T-Mobile customers it should be available for Republic Wireless customers.

There is no such thing as a Republic Wireless Moto z Play. These are factory Unlocked phones with our SIM and App. We do not hold any sway or control of when or if a manufacturer updates their firmware. Whenever Motorola makes Orea available we will not stand in their way.


Here is a comment that I recently added to another thread

This will explain the release process (controlled by the various manufactures) … Where's My Android Update? Understanding the Update Process
While on that page, you may want to Select the Announcements & News - Member Community Tab top left, then adjust the Tracking (far right) … I keep mine set to image


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