Moto Z Play randomly reset and lost all bluetooth connections. Now, no connections fully work

A couple of days ago, my Moto Z Play randomly turned off. When I turned it back on, none of my bluetooth devices were paired with it any more (including a smartwatch, car stereo, desk speaker, and headphones).

Now, when I pair these devices, audio is never fully functional. The car stereo and headphones will playing audio, but I cannot use them for phone calls. In the settings for the devices, there are options for Phone audio, Media audio, and Contact Sharing. Media audio and Contact sharing can be checked, but Phone audio will not check. When I tap it, a gray check appears and disappears.

The desk speaker will pair, according to the phone, but has no options at all. The speaker doesn’t even seem to recognize that it is paired.

This is what I would do:

Factory Reset

If that doesn’t fix it you can warranty service here:

mf113332 - Motorola Support

I think it might be the last republic wireless app upgrade since my wife’s same phone Moto Z republic didn’t do the latest update and mine did and hers works fine. I have a 2016 Ford Taurus and her phone works fine on mine. HELP!

This is not related to the app or we would have a surge in Bluetooth tickets. Probably some other app updated and is interfering with Bluetooth. I would put the phone in Safe Mode and see if you can connect Bluetooth. Clearing cache and if that does not work a factory reset may be needed.

Thanks billg.

I did a factory reset, and managed to get most everything back up and running. I think there was some manner of misfire with the desktop speaker. Everything else paired perfectly, but the desktop speaker also had to have all connections wiped before I could get anything to put sound through it.

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